The Roots of De 7even - Why I'm doing this :)

The Roots of De 7even - Why I'm doing this :)

DE 7EVEN was born as a mother from which other projects arise, all of which serve a process of awareness and expansion of consciousness that anyone can use on these seven fundamental themes in life:  




With this work on the 7even themes (knowledge, practices, connection, coaching, healthy habits, etc), I plan to collaborate on a mission that gets mediocrity out of society. Mediocrity is the origin of my own anger, frustration and isolation. And I see this happening all around me, with people, animals and things that have such a huge potential. But.. I believe that we need help & assistance, on each level, from inspiration ànd stuff, to outgrow this narrowing of the mind.

De 7even themes originated from a meta-model of my therapist study clinical psychoimmunology KPNI. So they serve as a very important and scientific foundation from where to approach clients, but most of all: they are recognisable as general themes in everyone's day to day life. My mission was to make the translation from theory into practice and from abstraction into the humanity. Bridging between science and spirit is the key component from which projects arise, with these 7even elements as a central focus point. The coaching programme 'Metaproject' was a first expression of this. And now there is this webshop, as a parallel universe to all them knowledge, as a baseline from where to start in the search of tangible goods which can support each of us in the process of growth and consciousness.   

If you want to shine from the outside and feel good, inner work is needed. Hence, I can hardly see the theme of 'body' separately from all the other themes, even though that is the focus for most or starting point for most of the people. It is always an and-and story, and one is not separate from the other. That's what I believe, and that's what I try to make accessible and understandable for everyone. 


So here I am 😊 

My mission is to inspire you to start your own journey of consciousness on a level or theme that is now suitable and manageable for your current position in life. I hope to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen and even bedside table with many more natural and inspiring products which can enhance this process of growth, and above all, I hope to enable you to live a more health-conscious and non-toxic life, in all its aspects and on all 7even topics.  

Let these amazing products be your friends & allies in the future of your future, healthy, beautiful & grounded self! :)

Much Love,

Psssst.. Wanna know what my personal favourites are..? You can shop them down below! :)

Because Yes... I like some products more than others, just I like some flowers more than others, some people more than others, some food spicier or sweeter, some kind of clothes, some type of music to dance to, some landschapes and temperature, some ways to be intimate and some ways to show how I love you.

Don't we all..? :)

Here's my list, folks!


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