About the Founder


The 7even was born out of my mission to tackle mediocrity from our society, by helping to raise awareness around everything that concerns us and things, people, energy and matter around us. Expansion through knowledge, inspiration and experience, that's what my mission is all about. And oh boy have I gone through experiences in my life, good & bad, and they keep coming, thankfully.  

I tried to satisfy my hunger for knowledge around everything that has to do with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health through countless trainings, talks, workshops, self-care, ceremonies, teachings, supplements and herbs, books, podcasts, coaching sessions, healings, and so on. Between Science & Spirit. This is how I have walked my path in life and I want to continue this line in everything I do business-wise, in all the dialogues I have, in all the texts I read or write, in all the connections I make, in how I look at things (again: both energy and matter), in all the products and brands I choose to work with, in collabs with partners, in forming an opinion and vision.  

What was born from an eternal search for answers, identity and happiness in my own life has been translated into a passionate ambition to facilitate this for others. The The 7even community therefore focuses on people who are or want to become aware, both in all aspects of life and the 7even themes, as well as about the types of products they use, the people they surround themselves with, (personal) growth, their health and the mission they carry out.  

The 7even webshop will therefore consist, outwardly, of products and brands that have been handpicked and guarantee a consciousness-raising experience for the customer who uses them, with gentleness and care for our planet, ancient wisdom, sustainability and maintaining the integrity of people & culture.  


So I developped the brand and its webshop ‘The 7even’, of which I want everyone to know that it stands for both knowledge ànd experience, between science & spirit, and guarantees sustainability, low-toxicity, products that are well thought through and really work, centralised by each topic which serves to growth and expansion within the bigger picture.  


Congratulations on taking the first step towards more consciousness in your life, and welcome to one of the platforms of The 7even that tries to make this possible for you.    

Love and gratitude,