Why I choose Oxalis as a skin care brand

Why I choose Oxalis as a skin care brand

As for skin care, I have struggled many many years in finding the right products for my face. I have been dealing with couperose and rosacea since I was a teenager. Dermatologists suggested to mask the red spots by doing make up and going for a tan regularly in some saloon.


Now I know better. Skin health mainly is a reflection of what's going on inside. Maintain a balanced microbiome by eating the right stuff and supporting our liver are key for glowing skin.

But using the right products, are equally as important. Because when you are using products that are harmful, contain loads of toxins and other micro's that are harming our bodies and activating our immunesystems.. that is not working out well.

So YES, I will add substantially GOOD skin care products from quality brands with a clean vision and a nose for toxin-and-cruelty-free stuff.

Oxalis is one of them:



Oxalis is different because they make premium quality products that are completely plant-powered and approachable. The collection of products cleanse, hydrate, and nurture your skin — naturally.

As most anyone reading this probably knows, there are a lot of skin products out there. Some are five bucks, some are 500; there are lotions, potions, sprays, masks, oils, peels, rollers, screens, primers, plumpers, and so, so much more. And we always say around here: you do you! But however many products you choose to work into your routine, we do think it’s essential to understand not just what they’re meant to do, but why and (perhaps most importantly) how they accomplish that goal. It’s your body — not to mention your money! — after all, and knowledge, as they say, is power. And to that end, so is transparency!

our products have been made with 100% natural, ethically-sourced ingredients and enriched with premium plant-based oils, herbs and minerals.

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