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Moon Pads: Washable Period Sanitary Liners

These Moon Pads come in a pack of 3: three different sizes, for light, medium and heavy period:
Mini (approx. 16 cm)
Medium (approx. 18 cm)
Maxi (approx. 21 cm)

Simply rinse with water after use, then wash up to a maximum of 60 degrees — et voilà: no waste!
Our fabric pads are made from GOTS-certified molleton cotton, making them particularly soft. ❣️
A little tip: if you want to wear your pads on the go, we have a solution: our wet bag, a waterproof bag, perfect for the used pads that you immediately rinsed off with cold water. ❣️
Exterior: 100% cotton
Inner side+absorbent core: 100% organic cotton
Save care love 🌳🌱🐾
Moon Pads: Washable Period Sanitary Liners