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Spice It Up Love Bitters

“Spice It Up” Love Bitters is a deeply warming and invigorating blend of digestive bitters that also contain aphrodisiac properties.

Organic Olivia created this formula to awaken not just our digestive fire, but our sensuality within the senses. While our classic Digestive Juice is a tried and true favorite for bolstering our ability to take in nourishment from our food, Spice It Up is a special edition date-night blend of carefully curated bitters that go one step further to open our heart space and get energy flowing with invigorating, warming, blood-moving herbs.

Use before a night out, or dose intentionally before connective moments to support presence and sensation.*


What we call “aphrodisiacs” are really:

  • Herbs that are relaxing, grounding, invigorating, warming, Blood or Qi moving, and toning to the pelvic area
  • Herbs that are mind-clearing and Shen-nourishing, that connect the mind and heart in order to promote deep presence and intimacy
  • Herbs that warm and loosen blocks within the perceived self and emotional body, helping to bring you into your body safely 
  • Herbs that nourish and calm the nervous system in order to support us in the face of occasional stress and tension that may be blocking our ability to be fully connected with ourselves and others*

True aphrodisiac herbs bring you back into your body so that you can truly connect, allowing you to show up fully in the moment, conversation, laughter, and magnetism that leads to true intimacy with yourself and your partner. Spice It Up is a blend of grounding digestive herbs designed to be used before date night or time spent together — herbs that bring you back into your body so that you may remember your own capacity for sensuality.*

In order to feel excitement towards intimacy, we must also feel a sense of vitality and joy for our lives. This blend is designed to support the awakening of the fire deep within you that extends beyond digestion and libido.*


Spice It Up Love Bitters