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Peace Juice

Peace Juice was created to help provide relief from occasional anxiousness, and is formulated with time-tested herbs traditionally used to maintain a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

Carry this convenient tincture in your pocket or purse for quick and discreet sprays of comfort when traveling, at the office, or even at home.*



About the Formula  

What It Does

Stress support is important in the face of everything from social situations, to travel and plane rides, all the way to a busy work schedule. No matter the circumstance, it’s nice to have something in your toolbox you can turn to for help in maintaining peace and calm. 

With a few sprays on the tongue, Peace Juice supports a sense of relaxation and emotional well-being.*


Who It's For

Peace Juice is designed for those in search of a tasty, calming, stress support tool that fits in their purse or back pocket for easy, convenient use. It’s perfect for someone who feels tense or frazzled, and wants to lean into grounding plant allies that can help you cope with occasional stress in a healthy way.*