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Naïf Bruisende Badtabletten voor Baby & Kids (8 stuks)

Naïf Effervescent Bath Tablets provide extra fun in the bath every day! Kids love to bathe. But water can also dry out the fragile children's skin. That is why the Splashing Bath Bombs contain nourishing, natural oils such as sunflower oil and no hard foaming agents such as SLES. This makes the effervescent tablets also suitable for kids with dry skin.


Why tablets instead of bath bombs? Then a lot more fit in a box! There's a bath bomb for every day of the week, plus an extra one for yourself. Also nice to give as a gift. And did we mention that the bath smells wonderful of the well-knownNaïf fragrance.

All Naïf products are 100% vegan, made with a soft fragrance that is free from the 26 most common allergens and dermatologically tested.

Naïf Bruisende Badtabletten voor Baby & Kids (8 stuks)