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Daily Immunity Mushroom Mouth Spray

When it comes to your immune system, there’s no messin’ around.
Your life is full of commotion and stressors that can damage your cellular health and overall immunity.
I made you a lil something to get that daily boost of goodness in to support you through that calendar. When it comes to Immunity, my comrades Turkey Tail and Reishi were no-brainers to get in the mix.

Proprietary Blend: 523 mg †: Organic Turkey Tail 16:1 Fruiting Body Extract ‡, Organic, Reishi 16:1 Fruiting Body Extract ‡, Organic Acerola Extract ‡

Other Ingredients: Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Ethyl Alcohol GNS 190 Proof ‡, Organic Bourbon Vanilla Extract ‡, Organic Cinnamon Extract ‡ , Organic Ginger Extract ‡, Organic Honey ‡, Organic Monkfruit Extract ‡

‡ Certified Organic

Daily Immunity Mushroom Mouth Spray