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Botanical Bouche - ayurvedic Mouth Wash

'Gandusha' or oil pulling, is a traditional daily Ayurvedic detox ritual practiced to reduce gum inflammation, gently kill of an imbalance of bad bacteria in the mouth and freshen breath. Traditionally, oil is swished around the mouth for 20 minutes then spat out.  

But 20 minutes is a long time man. We’re totes into tradition, but we’re also into making daily wellness rituals as easy and adapted as possible so they fit into our modern lifestyle, and so we actually stick to them!

Cosmic Dealer spent over a year formulating a mix of potent and organic botanical oils that can 'spray and stay' in your mouth (no need to swish or spit out if you don't want to).

Each oil has been carefully selected for its soothing, restorative and purifying properties to promote pretty pink gums, holistic oral well-being and beautiful fresh breath.

Apply after breakfast before leaving the house, after a meal or before bed. Carry in your bag for all-day plant pleasure.

Use in combination with our tong cleanser for 5-star oral wellness.
Botanical Bouche - ayurvedic Mouth Wash