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Bone Broth Mix (pack of 6)

Bone broth from Yoroi is a broth made from bio-certified bones and vegetables.
It is full of collagen, which gives it its unique (beneficial) properties. Bone broth is a natural product, made locally in Ghent (Belgium) by Kabir.

Why/When you should be drinking bone broth:

Stomach and intestines: heartburn, stomach ulcers, leaky gut syndrome
Nails: brittle nails or chalky nails
Hair: increased strength and shine
Skin: skin tissue repair, a natural anti-aging agent
Joints: rheumatism, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

The high dose of collagen slows the wear and tear of cartilage/gel between joints.
These are not empty promises, but are scientifically proven and supported by experts. Yoroi works with nutritionists and pharmacists who all agree:

Bone broth is liquid gold.