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Cedarwood Essential Oil - Organic

CEDARWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL   Origin: Morocco Method: Steam Distillation Aroma: Woody/Soft/Warm Extracted from: Wood chips and shavings Latin name: Cedrus Atlantica   Aromatic benefits: Relaxing & anti-anxiety - Cedarwood has sedative properties, helping you relax and get to sleep and is known to have a soothing effect on your mood.   How to use it: - Burn 4-5 drops of the oil with a layer of water in an oil burner, and place the oil burner on the nearest table to you so you can inhale oils to help you to calm and relax. - Add 4 drops to 10ml carrier oil (can be any carrier oil you have around, like peanut or olive oil) and massage the oil into your skin.