Medicinale Mushroom Magic

Medicinale Mushroom Magic

With De 7even I am committed to take a great leap into the Mushroom Multiverse. People tend to get sceptical when I say that, but if there is one plant that is sùper common and known to us as humans, that have been there since the beginning of our existence: it is mushrooms. 

Some of them are poisonous, others are psychedelical, and a lot of them are medicinal. The thing is... We rarely eat them anymore. And that's a pity.

Every mushroom has its own benefit on certain levels of our body, mind and spirit. I will break them down in several blog posts and will make sure you can find high quality mushroom-products on this webshop.

But first things first:

How come that mushrooms are medicinale?

Rainbo Mushrooms:

"These powerful and magical organisms have an ancient history of traditional use going back thousands of years, yet are largely unknown in today’s Western society.  We are most familiar with those tasty button portobellos, oyster, shiitake - the edible mushrooms we eat as foods and which provide us with a dense nutritional profile. Edible mushrooms are great sources of fiber and protein (containing all 9 essential amino acids) as well as many important nutrients including B vitamins, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and glutathione, and vitamin D. Some of these edible mushrooms have also been discovered as having medicinal value due to the presence of biologically active compounds that are capable of influencing our physiological processes.

These are considered medicinal mushrooms and they act as functional foods meaning they provide us with health benefits above and beyond the provision of essential nutrients. Consumed as a regular dietary supplement, these mushrooms have a high potential for improving health by increasing resilience, delaying the aging process, protecting against chronic disease, and supporting the structure and function of the body.

Other non-edible medicinal mushrooms contain indigestible fibers and require extraction methods in order to consume them and reap the benefits. For example: Rainbo's 11:11 is made of 11 super medicinal mushrooms that are dually extracted in 70% spring water and 30% organic GMO-free, non-corn based ethanol. This dual extraction is important in order to obtain the water-soluble compounds, such as beta-glucans, as well as the alcohol-soluble compounds, such as triterpenes, thus creating a medically potent tincture with high bioavailability.  

These 11 mushrooms were carefully selected to create one super-supplement tincture because of their individual and combined benefits, originating from tradition and backed by current science."

For me personaly, I can't start my day without Supermush' Energy Mouthspray. This REALLY made a huge difference in (longlasting!) energy throughout the day, which as an multi-business-entrepreneur is essential!

Therefore, both products (Rainbo's 11:11 and Supermush' Energy Mouthspray) are on my personal favorite- list :) 

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