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Flowers For My Love

Flowers For My Love is a calming, rose centered blend of medicinal flowers that gently soften and soothe the nervous system to create space for compassion and deeper connection.
Each flower assists both the emotional and physical heart, allowing us greater capacity for movement — supporting healthy blood circulation physically, as well as the healthy processing of stagnation within the emotional body.
Flowers For My Love contains Rose to open the heart and soothe the spirit , Passionflower to ground looping thoughts and calm the mind, and Mimosa to soften the heaviness we carry. Synergistically blended, this “bouquet” of medicinal flowers supports us in moving forward and facing the path ahead with greater courage and ease.*

Who It’s For

This tincture is designed for those in need of a calming, stress support tool that not only helps us unwind, but also helps us to have more compassion for all facets of ourselves.This blend is ideal for someone who feels tension due to a ‘backlog’ of proverbial processing; someone who is more comfortable intellectualizing or rationalizing their emotions, rather than sitting down to actually feel them. 

This nervine blend invites us to slow down; it loosens us, giving us a peek into a different way of doing things that once experienced will always be yearned for. As this formula softens and soothes, it tells us it’s okay to go slow. Slowness is part of the medicine.

Benefits & Uses

  • Contains “nervine” herbs that support ocasional stress
  • Soothes and grounds the nervous system
  • Facilitates relaxation, creating space for deeper connection
  • Supports a sense of self-compassion
  • Aids a busy mind by grounding looping thoughts
  • Made with Shen tonics to nourish and uplift the spirit
  • Supports the healthy expression of emotions
  • Helps you slow down in order to savor meaningful moments*
Flowers For My Love