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Mighty Minerals

Mighty Minerals is a delicious blend of herbs formulated to help support little ones and picky eaters.

Mighty Minerals utilizes plants that contain trace minerals including Nettle Leaf (brandnetel), Alfalfa and Oatstraw (haver). A healthy intake of minerals and nutritive plants supports general immune function, vitality, and overall health.*



About the Formula

Easy dosage by weight

Our kid’s line makes dosing a cinch, as you may simply refer to the chart below based on weight:
*For children 10-30 lbs, use 5-10 drops per serving.
*For 31-60 lbs, use 10-20 drops per serving.
*For 61-100+ lbs, use 20-30 drops per serving.
*Adults can use 1-2 full droppers per serving.


Benefits & Uses

  • Contains nourishing herbal allies
  • Supports healthy cells and tissues
  • Great for picky eaters*
  • Suitable for both kids and adults


Daily (herbal) greens

Think of this formula as “plants in a bottle” — just don’t tell your littles 😉 That’s why we named it Mighty Minerals, which makes taking your herbs a little more fun, even for picky eaters who refuse to finish their broccoli. 

While traditional greens formulas are geared towards produce like spinach, Mighty Minerals focuses on local herbal greens like Nettle Leaf. We find that wild plants tend to retain their wild instincts, and support nourishment in a way that stands out from our commonly cultivated friends.*


Packed with plants for the whole fam

While Mighty Minerals was designed for kids, this formula is a favorite for adults too! A healthy intake of phytochemical-rich plants supports immune function, energy, and overall vitality for all of us, making an impact on how we feel each and every day. 

This is a blend you’ll look forward to taking with your kids when you want to start the day feeling nourished, energized, and supported.*