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Hand Wash

Gently cleansing your skin
Our hand wash consists of gentle ingredients so that the fragile skin of your hands is in optimal condition. The natural skin flora is preserved by the right acidity and a probiotic.

Soft and moisturised hands
Our hand wash gives you an extra layer of protection against dehydration for soft and smooth hands. Glycerin keeps your skin moisturised.

Suitable for even the driest and most sensitive skin on your hands
Our mild ingredients are suitable for even the most sensitive hands. Very dry skin? Our hand cream gives you that extra layer of protection.

Selected by pharmacist Hilde Nys.
Each ingredient in this product is carefully scientifically examined by pharmacist Hilde Nys for its ability to be carcinogenic, hormone disrupting, skin irritant, immunity disrupting or highly allergic, and for its risk of damaging the skin barrier or causing pigmentation.

Healthy ingredients that work.
Many skincare products contain useless commercial ingredients. To reduce the risk of irritations or allergies, Ray contains only the necessary active or supportive ingredients.

Hand Wash
  • Fragrance: Oolong Tea