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Silymarin (the active ingredient of milk thistle; Silibum marianum) is known to have several uses.

Taking 300 mg or more of Silymarin (milk thistle) per day increases resistance to external influences (EFSA ID 3582) and protects against free radicals (EFSA ID 3822). It helps maintain normal blood sugar levels (EFSA ID 3583) and supports the liver's cleansing function (EFSA ID 3585). Finally, silymarin also has a positive effect on bowel movements (EFSA-ID 3821). It is called upon in liver function disorders, gallstones, chronic degenerative liver diseases and protects the liver in the event of influx of liver-damaging substances.

60 V Caps

- standardized at 80% silymarin
- supports the cleansing action of the liver