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Eco Mini Lip Balm

Moisturises and protects your lips from drying out
The berry wax and candelilla wax in our lip balm protect your lips from drying out. Olive, jojoba and coconut oil moisturise your lips and give that extra soft feeling.

Repair chapped lips
Shea butter, together with vitamin E, nourishes and repairs chapped and cracked lips.

A soft texture with a light vanilla taste
The blend of oils, butters and waxes creates a soft texture that glides over your lips. The lip balm has a light vanilla flavour and is completely safe, even if you lick your lips or accidentally swallow some.

Selected by pharmacist Hilde Nys.
Each ingredient in this product is carefully scientifically examined by pharmacist Hilde Nys for its ability to be carcinogenic, hormone disrupting, skin irritant, immunity disrupting or highly allergic, and for its risk of damaging the skin barrier or causing pigmentation.

Healthy ingredients that work.
Many skincare products contain useless commercial ingredients. To reduce the risk of irritations or allergies, Ray contains only the necessary active or supportive ingredients.

Eco Mini Lip Balm