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Peg Dolls Set - for systemic therapists (or children)

Open ended rainbow wooden peg dolls and accessories, to be used in therapeutical sessions where they can serve as constellators. Let clients pick their representative from the variety of dolls, rings & more.

They can also be used as toys to provide opportunities for children to grow in confidence and competence as they allow for your child to use their cognitive skills to form their own ideas and creativity in a visual and tangible way.

Material: Beach Wood, Non-toxic water based color stain/ 100% eco-friendly

Single package size: 20X15X7 cm
Single gross weight: 1.300 kg
Package include:
- 84 pcs matte finished
- Peg doll size 3x6.5 cm, diameter for coins and rings are 4.5cm.
Each product is handmade and unique, therefore the actual product you receive may vary from the picture shown
*Please take extra care in cleaning method, natural color can easily be wiped out by strong water and chemical products.
Peg Dolls Set - for systemic therapists (or children)