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Maca (500 mg)

Maca (Lepidium myennii) - also called Peruvian ginseng - belongs to the tuberous plants of the family Brassicaceae. The root of this plant contains numerous important substances that have a strong impact on human endurance, energy balance, libido and vitality. Maca is also included in the list of adaptogens. Adaptogens support the body in dealing with biochemical, physiological and psychological stressors. Furthermore, research has shown that Maca has a beneficial effect on discomfort during menopause (it increases oestradiol levels). Daily consumption of 1000 mg of Maca or more helps improve performance and increases vitality (EFSA ID 3864). The macaines present activate the hormone calcitonin, which also increases bone density.


60 V-caps

- lepidium myennii - Peruvian ginseng
- adaptogen
- energy balance, hormonal balance and vitality

Bones - Energy - Mental resilience - Sports - Stress - Female

Maca (500 mg)