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Charlotte De Groof

Human Design Poetry - from a Left Angle Cross of the Plane

Human Design Poetry - from a Left Angle Cross of the Plane

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Human Design Poetry from a Left Angle Cross of the Plane

Give yourself or someone else the world's first Human Design poetry book as a gift.
The poems creatively introduce you to Human Design and breathe love. With her poems, Charlotte De Groof makes you realise that we are all unique puzzle pieces in the story of humanity. Each of those puzzle pieces has value and deserves love, not in spite of, but precisely because they are unique.
Loving and accepting ourselves is not easy in a world that is conditioned with the conviction that our worth is tied directly to our material gains. That worth is something you must prove in order to be approved by society, by income, house, clothing, title, diploma, social network, and so forth.

What if that entire belief system is just a limiting pattern?
What if just being yourself is all you have to do?
What if you are meant to be different from all the other people?
What if your uniqueness is your strength, your talent?
What if you start living from your heart instead of your mind?
What if you start accepting and loving yourself just for being you?
What if you start living your unique Human Design?

Get inspired, touched, and transformed by the words and messages in this poetry book and start your own Human Design experiment. Start living the life you were meant to live and receive magic, guidance, and support from the universe.
You deserve it.
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