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Focus Juice

Focus Juice is a powerful, revitalizing blend of herbs traditionally used to support mental clarity, healthy concentration, and memory.

Lack of focus can take us off track, and often prevents us from performing our best, especially in a world as demanding and fast-paced as ours. We formulated this tool to give you a punch of brain power whenever you need it most.*



About the Formula


Based on tradition, refined for modern life.

Each herb in this blend is based on centuries of traditional usage and folklore, yet they’re also backed by modern studies showing their potential in a more tangible, clinical lens. 

Ginkgo and its active plant constituents, for example, have been the subject of over 400 scientific publications, making it one of the most researched herbal ingredients we have available.


Benefits & Uses

  • Supports healthy energy levels in the morning or before a workout.
  • Supports mental clarity and memory when lack of focus arises.
  • Take in the morning before coffee or right before your big presentation and feel the difference.*

Sometimes the only way out is through, and Focus Juice is the formula to help you zone in and level up. We’ve included a pinch of Ginseng to help keep your energy levels healthy so you can go the distance, whether that’s in your workout, or your work schedule.*


How It Works

“Rosemary for remembrance”, especially when formulating for a client not only looking for cognitive support, but who occasionally deals with cold hands and feet — a match for Rosemary’s warming, invigorating, aromatic movement. 

I like to say that Focus Juice “warms the mind”, as it focuses on supporting both healthy brain function and warming circulation support. Healthy blood flow is important for healthy brain function, so each herb been carefully chosen for synergy and a multi-faceted approach.*


Class of Herbs: Adaptogens + Nootropics

Nootropics are botanicals that help support brain and cognitive function so that you can stay on top of your game. Adaptogens quite literally help you to adapt by supporting you wherever you need it most. When blending adaptogens and nootropics, we’re able to enhance focus and support healthy stamina without zapping our reserves.