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Blood & Bones Essence

Blood + Bones Flower Essence is a brand new Essence that came in a vision on the first day of Scorpio season. As we enter the darker days of the year, the Star Nations come closer. Spirit nears, and we can commune more easily with our Ancestors. Some speak of the 'veil' thinning - meaning, the space between the seen & unseen realms is lessening. Offering us deeper access to our Dreams, our Ancestors, Spirit Guides, our Psyche & Cosmic Consciousness.

BLOOD + BONES was created to connect you to your Blood Memory, your Ancestors and the wisdom & gifts you hold. It is meant to help you (re)member, to come back home to yourself, to ROOT you here.

To access all of the memories stored within your Bones. To heal your lineages, yourself. And offer this healing & alignment back to the Collective. Made with Cottonwood, California Poppy, Sagebrush Flower Essences & Chaga, Turkey Tail Mushroom Essences gathered by me, and made under specific Moon Cycles. Charged with Obsidian gathered in Montana. The Stone beings hold records and memories of all that was, and has ever been. Opening us up to downloading this wisdom, so that we may come back to our Traditions & Harmony with one another {and all of Creation}.


3-7 drops under the tongue, or in water - as needed for calling on your Ancestors & Guides. Before meditation, before bed for Dream time connections, or before Ceremony to aid in protection & communications.


Cottonwood ~ Axis Mundi tree; Connecting us to our Roots as well as Star Nations, and facilitating connection with non-humxn Kin. Helping us remember our common language with all living beings, including Stone + Water Spirits.

Sagebrush ~ Unlocking ancient codes in DNA, especially to matrilineal lines & the Grandmothers. Reminding us of our deep roots & resiliency through even the harshest of conditions. Clearing any blockages that keep us from connecting & remembering.

Chaga ~ Mycelial connection, connecting our nervous system to the systems of the Universe. Helping to ground our energy as we connect with Spiritual realms. Calling in the Element of Fire, reminding us of this Sacred Element. Connecting us to Ancient ones & one another. Sparking Blood & Spirit memories.

California Poppy ~ Offering support for any grief/pain that may arise during remembering & reconnecting with our lineages. Centers us as we ‘awaken’ & remember; so that we are are able to truly EMBODY these connections. Heals wounding from entering this plane in a harsh way {without our traditional Birth Ceremonies}.

Turkey Tail ~ Healing old patterns & paradigms. Re-coding, and shifting perspectives for a shift in collective consciousness to a more unified & healed place. Reminding us of our interconnectedness with all of Creation.

Obsidian ~ Gathered in Montana {Apsáalooke Land}. Volcanic codes. Stone Being. Holding all of the Records throughout time, the stories, the medicines, the gifts. Grounding & activating our Root chakra. Protecting & Shielding.