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D-Mannose 500 mg

D-mannose is a natural sugar that also occurs naturally in your diet, including in cranberries. Mannose is not an essential nutrient but can be used in certain situations. Mannose is quickly absorbed by the body and most of it is then quickly excreted. Along with unwanted substances, D-mannose leaves the body.

D-mannose is a natural sugar. However, unlike other sugars, the impact on blood glucose levels of mannose is negligible, so it can be used without concern. For the most part, it enters the bloodstream unchanged and is excreted by the kidneys through the urinary tract along with unwanted substances.


Unless otherwise recommended take 6 tablets every three hours on day 1, 4 tablets every three hours on day 2. On days 3 and 4, take 4 tablets every six hours. It takes about an hour for mannose to reach the bladder. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Contains a concentrated extract
No bitter taste
Small, easy to swallow tablets, suitable for high dosing

60 V-caps


D-Mannose 500 mg