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Cosmic Beauty Adaptogenic Elixir

Cosmic Beauty is a potent & synergistic blend of Adaptogens, Berries & Medicinal Mushrooms that was created out to bring our bodies + minds back into balance.

This blend offers renewed vitality and may help lift spirits, enhance cognitive function and memory and support healthy aging. Also supportive for immune function & overall vitality.

This blend offers renewed vitality, and may help lift Spirits after a long grey Winter. Lovely for chronic stress - being a parent, being in school, fighting colonization, smashing oppressive systems, etc. The Beauty refers to the Beauty that is within all of us - the Goodness, the Harmony we each hold. The Cosmic is that which extends beyond this Earth Plane, reminding us we are of the Stars.

Cosmic Beauty was created to support healthy aging, overall vitality & cognitive functioning. Bringing our bodies back into their most healthy & vital state! Most of the herbs in Cosmic Beauty have been worked with in Traditional Chinese Medicine and/or Ayurvedic Medicine as longevity tonics - boosting overall health, appearance, vitality, reducing stress, increasing cognition/reducing brain fog, increasing energy & promoting overall optimal functioning.

Many of the Plant allies in this formula increase our Cosmic or Collective Consciousness - offering us a portal to our dreams, and visions (without being psychoactive).


Lion’s Mane is a beautiful Medicinal Mushroom that helps support the nervous system - research shows it can actually help stimulate nerve regrowth. Lion's Mane has also been shown to possibly help with mild anxiety, and protect against dementia. They are a powerful anti-inflammatory, and has the ability to help repair the gut. This is important for overall aging & health, because if the Gut isn't working well - we cannot obtain nutrients, and we are in a constant state of inflammation (heart burn, eczema, psoriasis, fatigue, bloating, anxiety, etc.).

Goji, Qi Zu, is traditionally worked with in Chinese Medicine to support vision, build blood & balance the Spleen. In TCM the Spleen helps our bodies to nourish all of our cells, through proper absoroption and assimilation of nutrients. Healthy functioning of the Spleen can help to prevent anemia, reduce worry, and help us to feel energized & vital.

He Shou Wu is another Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herb, and one of my favorites for support Kidney Essence, or Jing. Kidney Essence holds our vital force, and the aging process. When we notice signs of accelerated aging, we may look to the Kidney’s as a source of the problem. The adrenal glands also pair with the Kidneys in TCM. If there is adrenal fatigue it can also speed up the aging process. He Shou Wu has been said to turn gray hair back to it's original color - this is through nourishing the Kidney Essence in TCM.

Mucuna has the ability to help boost dopamine levels in the body, through natural occurring L-Dopa in the Velvet Bean (Mucuna's common name). Mucuna also contains natural amounts of serotonin. They have been researched for 'anti-aging' effects. I like the term healthy aging, as we are fortunate to age :) It has also been researched for Libido & fertility, showing positive effects. In Daoist traditions, Mucuna also helps restore the Vital Force/Essence, or Jing.

Without the right balance of dopamine we may feel lethargic, unmotivated, depressed, uninterested, forgetfulness, trouble with memory, muscle aches, pains, fatigue, etc. We need dopamine to feel our best. Too much dopamine can lead to feelings of risk taking - this would be a sign that you don't need to work with an herb like Mucuna.

Biodynamic Grape Skins from a vineyard here in Ontario, Southbrook farm, offer a hefty dose of anti-oxidants & resveratrol to help support signs of aging. Anti-oxidants help with vasculature health, heart support, healthy-aging, dementia, etc.

Beet is added as extra support for nitric oxide in the body, increasing circulation and oxygenation of the body.

Dragon Fruit is added as a bit of sweet flavor, and they are also a source of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Dragon Fruit has been traditionally worked with to slow signs of aging. There are studies also showing it may reduce LDL cholesterol & improve HDL cholesterol levels.

(All ingredients Organic and/or ethically harvested on Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee Traditional territories)

*Not suitable for pregnancy
*It is best to cycle when working with products that contain Mucuna, meaning work with them 3-5 days a week only. Or work with them for 2 weeks, and then take a week off.