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Probiotica - Bacteri 8 (capsules)

This is the basic product for (young) adults. Bacteri 8 contains 8 strains of bacteria: 3 species of bifidobacteria and 5 species of lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria). These strains all occur naturally in our intestines. The 8 strains are all different, but they have in common that they survive digestion and thus arrive alive in the colon.

Bonusan Bacteri 8 capsules offer a balanced and broad mix of 8 bacterial strains. The strains have been carefully selected for their survivability in the digestive tract. This ensures that a high percentage of the bacteria reach the gut alive.

  • Contains a balanced mix of 8 bacterial strains
  • At least 5 billion viable bacteria, guaranteed until the expiration date
  • Easy to swallow, vegetarian DRcaps® protect the bacteria against stomach acid
Probiotica - Bacteri 8 (capsules)