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Bacteri 5 Infantis (Probiotica)

Bacteri 5 Infantis offers complete support for the start of a new phase of life. It contains only scientifically researched strains of bacteria, especially for young children, babies and pregnant women. This product doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners or flavourings and is completely lactose-free.

  • A unique broad-spectrum product with 5 strains specially formulated for babies and young children.
  • Sachets are easy to dose, and the contents can be dissolved in water or (breast)milk.
  • Guaranteed to have at least 3 billion viable bacteria until the listed expiration date.

Bacteri 5 Infantis offers an accessible blend of 5 lactobacillus strains specially selected for babies and young children. Research shows that these strains are safe. The sachets can also be used during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Lactobacilli are the first bacteria the baby comes into contact with during delivery. This supplement is ideal for administering extra lactobacilli. The powder has a neutral slightly sweet taste, dissolves easily in water, baby food and pumped breast milk. Bacteri 5 Infantis is free of sweeteners or flavourings and is completely sugar-free and lactose-free. It can therefore be given immediately after birth in, for example, a bottle of (pumped) milk.



Mix van bacteriestammen: Lb. reuteri LR92, Lb. rhamnosus LR1, Lc. lactis SP38, Bb. lactis BLC1, Bb. longum ssp. infantis BI221
3.00 x 10⁹ KVE

250.00 mg
Bacteri 5 Infantis (Probiotica)