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Ashwagandha (Whitania somnifera) is applied as an adaptogen. Adaptogens increase a person's adaptability under adverse conditions. Especially in chronic stress, Ashwagandha is used successfully because it supports the adrenal glands. A chronically elevated concentration of our stress hormones can have a negative impact on our sleep, mental resilience, thyroid and hormonal balance. Hence, Ashwagandha can also play a positive role within these areas when chronic stress is present. Ashwagandha may also be taken at bedtime and can also be used to improve physical performance.

Ashwaganda (an adaptogenic herb) (EFSA ID 3251) ensures good mental balance and provides energy. It supports during periods of fatigue and contributes to emotional balance (EFSA ID 2183). Ashwaganda is also an antioxidant (EFSA ID 5607).
Energy - Immunity - Mental resilience - Sports - Stress