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Agnaforte (vitex agnus castus)

Agnaforte restores hormonal balance in women, relieving painful periods and sensitive breasts, irritability and hot flushes. It also has an impact on a dysregulated menstrual cycle. Agnaforte is not recommended when used concomitantly with parkinsonian medication (dopamine agonists).

Agnaforte can also restore too low progesterone levels due to too high prolactin. If prolactin levels are too high, a decrease in progesterone levels may occur. Progesterone deficiency can lead to problems with menstruation or PMS, among other things. The substances in Agnus castus bind to the dopamine-2 receptors in the hypothalamus, inhibiting prolactin secretion.


- Ingredients:
Vitex Agnus castus extract 90 mg
(0.5% agnuside, 0.4% aucubin)

- 60 V-Caps

- hormonal balance in women

Agnaforte (vitex agnus castus)